Pseudoscience and Psychopathy

I wrote a guest post for the Skeptical Raptor blog about my thoughts on neuroscientist James Fallon's psychopathy story. Here is an excerpt:

"My intention is not to claim that Dr. Fallon is lying and purposefully simplifying science to make a profit. I would need much more evidence for that. However, I am arguing that the news articles covering his story do not provide enough details to support his claims. I find it rather troubling that no one is even addressing this so I wanted to blog about it. It is also troubling that Dr. Fallon has not been more explicit about the limitations of his findings as he should surely be aware of them as an accomplished neuroscientist. America often ranks pretty poorly in scientific literacy and this is an example of the result. People should at least have a working understanding of the scientific methodand not blindly believe an authority figure with an interesting story."